Silafrica To Commit 10% Of Manufacturing Capacity To The Greater Social Good

Silafrica To Commit 10% Of Manufacturing Capacity To The Greater Social Good

Silafrica Donates 10 Percent

Silafrica, a leading packaging supplier to East Africa and surrounding regions and trusted supplier to some of the largest food and beverage brands like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Diageo, Heineken, Unilever and others, has agreed to commit up to 10% of current manufacturing capacity for explicitly serving the greater social good of communities in Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia. In fulfilling Silafrica’s commitment of up to 10% of current manufacturing capacity, the company will be heavily discounting a variety of household product lines, including furniture and washbasins, which will be manufactured along with non-discounted Silafrica products and produced in accordance with Consumer-Packaged-Goods (CPG) global quality standards.

The company’s decision to commit this manufacturing capacity comes less than two months after Silafrica announced a commitment making them the first African-based company in the packaging industry to become part of the Pledge 1% movement, an international coalition of corporations who have pledged to donate a percentage of respective company resources for the greater social good. In making the Pledge 1% announcement on August 20, 2019, Silafrica announced that they would donate one percent of profits, one percent of manufactured products and one percent of Silafrica personnel’s time to directly serve African-based non-profit organizations and community projects.


Over the last several years, Silafrica has continued to act upon its set of governing corporate principles known as “The Silafrica Way”.


These tenets reflect Silafrica’s corporate vision for environmentally sustainable trade and equitable relations among both trade partners and the communities being served by Silafrica’s diverse array of products.

In commenting on the company’s ongoing commitment to improving lives and communities throughout East Africa, Akshay Shah, Group Managing Director of Silafrica, stated, “By aligning our company’s policy to discount up to 10% of current manufacturing capacity, we firmly believe it will ensure that lower-income African families can have higher-quality household items and an improved standard of living.” This belief is underscored by the fact that the discounted products are not only produced in the same factories as non-discounted offerings but are also created by the same engineers who design and produce Silafrica’s most premium products.


The Silafrica Story

Founded in 1967, Silafrica has rapidly become internationally recognized for innovative manufacturing practices in plastics and packaging for distributors of Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods and Consumer-Packaged-Goods. Over the past twenty years, Silafrica has combined state-of-the-art engineering practices with unparalleled ethical standards to deliver sustainable packaging across a diverse array of industries, including cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

With a network of modern manufacturing facilities distributed across several countries of Africa, including Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania, Silafrica continues to serve a wide variety of global clientele. In addition to serving the traditional sectors found within Consumer-Packaged Goods, however, Silafrica continues to provide novel packaging options for the company’s clientele in paint manufacturing. With an eye toward the future, Silafrica prides itself on continuous research & development of the manufacturing process and packaging improvements for the world’s most rapidly growing sectors of the Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods industry.

As the world economy continues to become increasingly connected, Silafrica makes every effort possible to ensure sustainable development throughout the globe.