The Silafrica Way — The Secret to building Operational Excellence DNA

The Silafrica Way — The Secret to building Operational Excellence DNA

The Silafrica Way — The Secret to building Operational Excellence DNA Photo

Silafrica is achieving excellence overall and across select key areas—including corporate, environment and social impact parameters—through an organization-wide commitment to embody the vision and values of “The Silafrica Way.”

 (Nairobi, Kenya – February 2020) Over the past several years, Silafrica has been steadily building a reputation as an award-winning manufacturer and supplier of plastics, and is recognized as one of the leading packaging companies in Nairobi, Kenya (providing packaging solutions throughout Africa). Equally as important, Silafrica is regarded as an exceptional corporate citizen. The company has achieved this distinction by creating a set of guiding principles for all employees, known as “The Silafrica Way,” representing the culmination of 25 years of hard work.

Every employee and team, as well as executive leadership, are measured against how well they follow The Silafrica Way, which is built on Silafrica’s five core values of doing the right thing, being authentic, being open to learning and unlearning, keeping it lean and becoming world-class together. The Silafrica Way gives employees a common vocabulary and shared practices that help ensure consistent and sustainable results as well as a passion for excellence.

“We created The Silafrica Way as a means to help us optimize the speed and efficiency of our operations, reduce waste, help our employees thrive and grow professionally, and continually ensure the safety and productivity of our physical environments,” said Silafrica’s Group Executive Director, Akshay Shah. “Having a shared desire to consistently offer world-class performance has made us stronger and better equipped to face virtually any challenge that may come our way.”

The components of The Silafrica Way are called “Gears,” focusing on twenty different types of best practices that help manufacturing companies become better, faster and more competitive through focus on five key areas of enhancing morale and safety, improving quality continuously, reducing costs sustainably, increasing value chain throughput and leveraging technology. Under each focus area, are the individual Gears which are grouped under the following structure:

  1. Enhancing Morale and Safety: Cleaning and Organizing, Goals Alignment, Problem Solving, Workplace Discipline
  2. Improving Quality Continuously: Quality Assurance, Supplier Development, Plant Maintenance, Zero Monitoring, Multi-Skilling
  3. Reducing Costs Sustainably: Waste Elimination, Empowered Employees, Methods Improvement, Efficiency Control, Conserving Resources
  4. Increasing Value Chain Throughput: Quick Changeover, Coupled Manufacturing, Planning and Scheduling, Reduce Work-in-Process
  5. Leveraging Technology: Information Systems, Manufacturing Technology

The program for each Gear encompasses: a clear definition of the skill, description of best practices, goals to strive for, a visual map showing the steps from introduction/lack of knowledge to providing world-class service, problems that may occur, essential information, key measures and how to make improvements, and a benchmarking based audit checklist. As employees progress through the ascending levels associated with each Gear, there are benefits to the employees and to Silafrica as well. Already, The Silafrica Way has led to greater efficiency and quality in manufacturing, more professionalism and collaboration in the work environment, and greater synergies that save time and money and increase productivity.