Expansion of Silafrica Factory in Ethiopia

Expansion of Silafrica Factory in Ethiopia

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Silafrica, a leading packaging and manufacturing company in East Africa, with a presence in Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia has recently relocated to a larger location in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The move took them three months, starting from last year in October and was finalized at the beginning of this year in January 2020. This has seen the company increase its production capacity by 75% and has paved the way for several other benefits.

The factory had initially launched its operations off the A5 road in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in April 2014 with a plastic injection molding service, producing rigid plastic packaging for the food and beverage industries for breweries and soft drink companies in the form of bottle crates. The packaging utilizes rigid plastics with a relatively inflexible shape or form for various sturdy packaging applications.

Production is set to increase further with the new additional space in the factory site off the exit at Ringroad. The company site is a zero polluting factory that does not emit any waste materials into the water, soil or air, and is an environment-friendly green site that has acquired 100% clearance from the local bodies.

The organization had been experiencing limitations in extending their production, services and customer base due to the factory size in their initial premises. The new location has provided ample space for seven machines from an initial number of four, thus broadening their production capacity by 75%. The increase will enable them to expand their customer base and cater to more of their client’s packaging needs furthering their mission of reaching customers across Africa.

Additionally, Silafrica is a leading manufacturing company that could serve as a learning hub for the local talent who are keen on acquiring the skills in manufacturing technology and capacity building. According to Silafrica’s Ethiopia CEO, Mr. Vimal Arya, the company is now set to create a larger footprint into the market with a growing customer base that will provide more opportunities in the food and beverage packaging industry in Ethiopia. Ethiopia has the second-largest population in Africa and is under growing pressure to tackle unemployment. The additional space in the new Silafrica Ethiopia site is set to aid in creating more employment opportunities for a team of local players in the capital. Thus far, they have been attracting top talent into the organization and are set to grow further by creating more employment opportunities. They are now looking to stabilize their growth into the market and are very eager to attract the best in class stakeholders to build a world-class company together.