Silafrica and Fellow Petco Tanzania Members Join Forces for Coco Beach Cleanup

Silafrica and Fellow Petco Tanzania Members Join Forces for Coco Beach Cleanup


In recognition of World Environment Day 2021, Silafrica joined fellow founding members of Petco Tanzania to remove plastic and waste from Coco Beach in Dar es Salaam and increase plastic waste management awareness. Organizers estimate that more than 250 participants recovered five to eight tons of bottles and other items during the inaugural ecosystem restoration event, which was held Saturday, June 5, 2021.

Petco Tanzania, a coalition of major plastic and soft drink manufacturers, will facilitate the recycling of all post-consumer PET bottles collected from Coco Beach. Silafrica, a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic and packaging solutions for corporations, consumer packaged goods (CPGs), and consumers, is one of seven founding members of Petco Tanzania, along with A-One, Bonite Bottlers, Coca-Cola Kwanza, Nyanza Bottlers, Pepsi Tanzania, and Sayona.

“Seeing competing brands come together in support of environmental preservation is truly inspiring,” said Alpesh Patel, Country CEO Tanzania. “There is no better place to have launched this ecosystem restoration initiative than Coco Beach, a popular travel destination and gathering place for residents. We look forward to holding similar events in the future.”

Approximately 15 Silafrica employees participated in the beach cleaning process. PET bottles recovered from Coco Beach can be given a second life post-consumption, contributing to a circular economy for plastic that reduces resource consumption and environmental impact.

Silafrica works with Petco Tanzania to recycle a wide range of products, such as broken high-density polyethylene (HDPE) crates and shells, so materials can be used to manufacture secondary products. This World Environment Day event made it possible for Petco Tanzania and its founding members to reinforce their commitment to sustainability in a way that produced immediate, visible results.

“I’m proud of the Silafrica team’s hands-on participation in this event, and I congratulate Petco Tanzania members for taking action in support of a healthier, cleaner environment,” Alpesh Patel said. “Promoting environmentally responsible behaviors is good for local communities and good for Tanzania as a whole.”