Silafrica Announces Partnership with PETCO Ethiopia to Minimize Environmental Impact of Post Consumed PET

Silafrica Announces Partnership with PETCO Ethiopia to Minimize Environmental Impact of Post Consumed PET


Silafrica Ethiopia Industry Pvt Ltd, a leading company of plastic and packaging solutions for corporations, consumer packaged goods (CPGs) and consumers, has announced its partnership with the PETCO Ethiopia Recycling Community Organization, a non-profit organization that represents the PET Value Chain, from Resin Producer to Retailer. The Silafrica relationship with PETCO is dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of post-consumer Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) on the Ethiopia landscape. One of the biggest outcomes of partnership is to showcase that plastic packaging will not impact the environment.

“We are proud and pleased to partner with PETCO Ethiopia to assist us with our responsibilities in this important movement,” states Getaneh Asfaw, Country CEO, Silafrica Ethiopia. “We are fully committed in achieving our vision as a responsible corporate citizen, and this relationship will advance our efforts in achieving a circular economy for plastic.”

Established as an independent organization in 2020, PETCO doesn’t directly recycle materials themselves, they do the collection of post-consumer plastic waste and then support and facilitate the selling of collected materials to the recyclers. PETCO Ethiopia memberships are available to a full range of business-to-business and consumer entities, including PET raw material producers/importers, preform producers/importers, bottlers, brand owners, retailers, recyclers, NGOs, foundations, universities, and schools.

Silafrica’s partnership with PETCO signals the latest chapter in its continuing efforts as a company whose mission includes sustainability as one of its main tenets. Among its recent initiatives is a partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and its global commitment to a circular economy. Long-recognized as a leader in manufacturing sustainable plastic packaging solutions, Silafrica was the first packaging manufacturing company in Africa to join with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Global Commitment towards The New Plastics Economy.

Underscoring Silafrica’s commitment to sustainability, Getaneh adds, “We believe that we at Silafrica can do good by using 10% of our manufacturing capacity to make affordable quality products good for our community and our planet.”

Another aspect of the Silafrica mission is the support of people and communities throughout Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia, and the clients in these countries as well as adjacent countries, and others throughout Africa. Silafrica is working to achieve a goal of 100% reusable, recyclable, or compostable plastic packaging by 2025, with at least 40% of their product made from recycled plastic. At PETCO Ethiopia’s request, Silafrica will be producing plastic dustbins, pit latrines and other social impact products made out of 100% recycled plastic materials for the general population as part of its expanding hygiene initiative.

“Here at Silafrica we believe that the long-term sustainability of our business is built on being a good corporate citizen,” concludes Getaneh. “Within our organization, you’ll discover a dynamic and purposeful commitment to creating responsible, sustainable solutions that respect the earth and all its creatures.”

About PETCO Ethiopia

PETCO Ethiopia is a non-profit organization that represents the PET Value Chain, from resin producer to retailer to minimize the environmental impact of post-consumer PET on the Ethiopia landscape through the collection and recycling of PET bottles. PETCO markets and advertises the Value of PET and conducts workshops that educates the consumer on PET. An Industry managed Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) practicing Voluntary Extended Producer Responsibility (VEPR) PETCO collects voluntary levies/fees and grants.